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Walk On Water Balls for Swimming Pool

December 17, 2016

The new water balls this is going to be huge !

water balls are a blast for both young and old alike. They are the latest craze around the world in water sport activity and it is great entertainment for everyone.
This non toxic, transparent ball allows you to walk, jump, flip, crawl, roll or just float and relax in it. All this without even getting wet and it is 100% safe for all ages.
Zip the water ball open and in you climb. Air is then pumped into the water ball, the zipper is sealed and off you go! The trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, lean forward and soon you'll be "walking on water" in no time!

water ball

The water balls have enough breathable air volume inside for a person to remain inside for a long time, without the need to refill the ball. Putting fresh air into the walk on water orb is easy though. Open up the air intake of the water ball, insert the blower and pump more air in.


water balls are 2 metres in diameter and are made of the strongest and highest quality imported Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which is 1mm in thickness.  The TPU material is environment friendly and has improved UV light resistance. The TPU material is also odourless, tasteless and has a high resistance to heat, tearing and atmospheric corrosion, and it contains no chlorine.
water balls